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Image by Dustin Humes

Listen to IИTI Música new single "Melones"

Our first single! A sassy new song about queer love and hot summer days, when all you want to eat is one sweet and juicy...melón. In this uplifting groovy song, we do a play on words where Melones becomes the love for a woman's sensual beauty. Find a "Corazón de Melón" and keep your shoulders moving and your hips thrusting!!!

Buy the song and direclty support the artists! Sliding scale at Bandcamp:

and on all major streaming platforms.

Released June 30, 2023

Voices: Lucía Obregón, Nina Limón

Ukelele/Guitar: Arturo Suavecito Méndez

Bass: Sennyo Ookami

Cajón/Percussion: Alberto Rodriguez

Songwriting: Lucía Obregón

Special Thanks to Bartty Lugo, Ilia Correa, Sofía Magdalena, Chris Mckoy, Jumphouse Music, and Women's Audio Mission for your contribution to this song.


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