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Andreina Maldonado


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Meet Andreína Maldonado

A.k.a. Nina Limón

Cultural Anthropologist, Wellness Consultant, and Interdisciplinary Artist creating mesmerizing shows for corporate spaces, theater, bar clubs, street shows, and site-specific performances. Inquire for an array of services ranging from wellness and performing arts to language justice and consulting.


Praise from Clients

Andreina has been one of CJJC's most reliable and consistent interpreters for the past few years. As a bilingual organization that conducts most of our meetings in both English and Spanish, we cannot operate without the support of highly skilled interpreters like Andreina. Andreina is one of the interpreters we look to work with whenever possible, especially in situations where we need to have full confidence in the quality of interpretation. We love Andreina's ability to interpret in culturally and politically relevant contexts, as well as her commitment to ensuring that the emotion and tone being conveyed is authentic to the speaker. Andreina is an excellent communicator and advocate of lanugage justice, as well as a brilliant artist and cherished community member.”

Causa Justa / Just Cause

San Francisco & Oakland

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CoNtACT Andreina Maldonado

Questions? Want to schedule a consultation? Book a performance? Please, submit the form below to contact Andreina directly. In the subject line include the service of interest: interpretation, wellness or performance. Muchas gracias...

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