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Language Justice

Expand Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in Your Work through Language Justice. Services include: culturally and politically relevant language interpretation - simultaneous and consecutive, document and sight translation, equipment rental, 1:1 consulting, event coordination, and more.


What is Language Justice?


Language Justice is an evolving framework based on the notion of respecting every individual's fundamental language rights—to be able to communicate, understand, and be understood in the language in which they prefer and feel most articulate and powerful. Language Justice allows us to disrupt privilege and colonization, challenging English dominance and Western-centered knowledge, communication, and leadership.

BienStar Consulting provides culturally relevant translation and interpretation services in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. Andreina’s approach is very personal and effective, with a quick turnaround. As a cultural worker, artivist, social justice advocate and organizer, her heart is truly para la gente. Language Justice ensures that everyone’s voices are heard and included in the process of community change, and it is a critical element of movements for social justice. Andreína's favorite aspect of her work is merging arts programming with language justice, as it is a impactful combination of cross cultural exchange and community empowerment.


BienStar Consulting Services include:

Language Interpretation

Expertise in non-profit vocabulary, specializing in human rights issues such as housing, immigration, women's rights, environmental and low-wage workers' rights.


Training to incorporate best practices for creating inclusive multilingual spaces where all languages are valued equally and speakers of different languages benefit from listening to and sharing with one other.

Sight Translation

Sight translation is the oral rendering of a document from one language into another. During a session, an interpreter may sight translate forms, instructions, brochures, letters, or other short documents.

Coordination Support

Provides timely coordination and management of teams of interpreters, i.e. scheduling, training and communication

Document Translation

English to Spanish (or vice-versa) translation, and referrals to other language translators. Translation of websites, blogs, resumes, legal documents, etc.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Offering a state of the art interpretation equipment rental that features 30 receivers, 2 transmitters and electrically charged. Comes in a metal case. Easy to transport to assemblies, meetings, townhalls and community events.

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